Equalizer Endurance Run
Des Moines, IA
October 28, 2017
Event Description
This event is designed for three purposes. First, it will provide an opportunity for new and veteran runners to test themselves at an ultra distance. Second, performances will be scored using an age/sex 'equalizer', providing the possibility of an overall victory to anyone who is normally competitive in their age group. Equalizers are determined based on age and gender. Overall awards will be distributed based on the total of actual distance plus the appropriate equalizer. Third, everyone has fun, and we mean everyone!
This event is designed so anyone competitive in his or her age/sex group could be the overall winner. The equalizers allow you to compete fairly with anyone you choose.
Course Description
A 1.905 mile essentially flat loop, lighted asphalt path, circling Gray's Lake with splendid views of downtown. USATF certified #IA02004-MF.
There will be one aid station with water, pop, fruit, and cookies, as well as soup for the 24 hour; a runner should not rely solely on this for their aid. Indoor toilets will be available; showers will not. Room will be available for tents, though camping the Friday night before is not permitted.
Entries are limited
Entries will be limited to 100. Your entry will be confirmed by email. Please note, there is an online process listed on the Entry Form page if you would choose to enter in that manner. Otherwise, please complete this form and send it and the correct amount to the address listed below.
Entry Fee
Entry Fee is $60 for the 6 hour, $70 for the 12 hour, and $85 for the 24 hour. Make checks payable to Chris Zepp. Race shirts will be ordered around October 13, 2017. Any entries received after that date may not receive a race shirt; however, race entry is permitted up until the start of the race. It is preferred that you give us some time to prepare, but if you are waiting on the weather forecast or other reasons, you can join all the way up until the start of the race. We always have people sign up the morning of the race. That’s ok. We are here to support you.
Pre-race Dinner
We may or may not have a pre-race dinner the Friday before the race. We will send out a communication about a week out and see if there is an interest. It may simply be like-minded people meeting at a local restaurant to meet, share stories and build friendships. More to come on this.
Race shirts will be given to all entrants who sign up on time and who are at the race. In the past, we required runners to at least complete a marathon to earn a shirt. We have eliminated that requirement…but c’mon…you are signing up for an ultra, you can do the marathon and then some.
Awards based on distance plus equalizer will be given to the first 10 places in each event. One award will be given for longest actual distance in each event. The award ceremony will immediately follow completion of the race.
Packet Pickup
We don’t have race sponsors, so there is no packet to pick up early. Please come to the main tent on race morning and get your bib number. We will pass out shirts at the end of each race.
Climatological Data
Average High = 64.3F; Average Low = 42.7F; Record High = 95F; Record Low = 14F; Average Wind Speed = 10.3 mph.